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The visual arts have been my passion since selling my original “monster” drawings for a nickel in 4th grade.

Fast forward to a career in illustration after art school in Pittsburgh. Later, while working as a video computer artist for a film production company, I made the move to work in NYC. There I worked since the early 90's as a high-end retoucher for Madison Avenue clients.

My leap into photography came about during the "digital-age" of cameras in part to a solution to retouching demands. I got my first camera, a Nikon 3MP camera two weeks before 9/11.  Since then, I've been hooked on photography.

During that time, I also became a stock photographer for Getty Images/iStockphoto. My photographs have appeared worldwide in advertisements, websites, book covers, billboards, editorial and corporate materials - anywhere from Ebay to the Ellen DeGeneres Show. 


Click here to view my online portfolio through Getty Images or visit:

I'm currently working full time as a photographer and retoucher for Salt Studios in NYC.

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